About Us

Here at Columbia River Rentals we believe in a strong set of values to deliver the highest expectations to you, our customer.  Simply stated, We are selling family dreams, one boat rental at at time.  We have an honest service, a dependable product, and the integrity to stand behind our business with no hidden cost's or surprises.  This will ensure you, your family and friends have a memorable time on the river.  We value your satisfaction and are confident you'll come back, again and again with a smile on your face.

Our fleet of boats are some of the best available for purchase with creature comforts most families desire.  Our Performance Pontoon boats are 2014 Encore Bentley 24' models.  With a large Bimini cover for ample shade from the summers sun.  Bluetooth stereo's enabling smart phone connection to play your favorite playlists.  Custom/aftermarket Tube Towers to pull a selection of tubes we rent at an affordable price. Currently we do not allow you to bring your own tow-able tubes for use on the boats.  We also rent Slides for use on the boats.  Ask us about these at the time of your reservation.  Our Captains chair's recline with armrests and adjust for size and swivel.  Each boat is equipped with a forward table for meals and drinks throughout the day.  Comfortable lounge style seating for 16 people or 1940lbs), although we suggest 12 or less to ensure you're not crowded on your boat all day.  Our boats have a changing room and more storage then most families will ever need.  If you're used to slower then average Pontoon's you'll find the new 2014 design of the Performance Pontoon and 115hp Motor offer plenty of power while still being fuel efficient.  Expect to spend $40-70 on average for fuel during your boat rental. 

If you're looking for good clean, old fashion fun on the river with your family, you've found the place.  Thank you for choosing Columbia River Rentals, and we look forward to Seeing You on the Water!

About Boat Rentals

Whether you are a first-time boater, or a seasoned water-sporter, Columbia River Rentals gives you the chance to boat without the initial cost and constant maintenance of boat ownership. Many people find that with the expensive cost of owning, renting four to six times per year is far more advantageous and economical. Renting is certainly the worry-free way to get yourself out on the water and enjoy a beautiful day in the sunshine.   Currently we are in our Summer time Pricing, and our mid week prices, Monday - Thursday are $200/day and weekend rates, Friday - Sunday are $325/day.

We understand boat ownership is a costly and upkeep can be a hassle. While we all have dreams of boating every day during the summer months, those realities aren’t always possible with our busy lives. Renting gives you the chance to enjoy boating without the hassles and headaches that ownership can bring.  No maintenance, no storage costs, no need to haul it to and from the water.  No wasted time on the boat launch.  Come try us out and see why renting is quickly becoming the boating solution across the nation.

Renting vs. Owning

Along with the purchase price of the boat, other expenses when owning, include the boat trailer, cost of hauling, insurance premiums, regular maintenance on the boat and storage.

Save yourself time, money and hassle by renting a fun and well-maintained boat from Columbia River Rentals. Advantages to renting include:

  • No monthly finance payments
  • No insurance premiums
  • No maintenance expense or worry
  • No storage expense
  • No hauling