Please reserved your boat ahead of time by calling (844) 262-8222,
or by emailing us at - “Walk-ins” are not guaranteed a boat.

2014 Encore Bentley 24' Pontoon Boat Rentals

Currently running our 2015 Summer Pricing - $200/day Monday-Thursday, $325/day Friday-Sunday.


All boat rentals include 16 safety Personal Floatation Devices for adults (Orange Safety Life Jackets) and a fitted life-jacket for each person 12 years and younger at no extra cost.

We rent Tubes and Slides! 1 and 2 person Tube Rental - $50 for one tube, $70 for two tubes. $100 for 2 tubes and a Slide.  Tube rentals includes rope, pump, flag, and fitted life-jackets for each rider.

We will NOT allow your own tube use due to over loading the boats and lifejacket thefts.  We are also not a gear loan business. 




Columbia River Rentals also offers Kayak Rentals

Call us today to reserve you Single or Double Kayak

Kayak Pricing - $60/day single person

$80/day double person

Ask us about Kayak delivery