01Who will drive the boat we rent?
You will captain the boat during your rental. Columbia River Rentals will give an orientation of the boats specific features so you are familiar with how to use the controls and features. If you have a Washington State Boaters Education card your orientation will be much shorter then if you do not carry that card. If you do not hold the card we will issue you one before you leave the dock.

02What is the age requirements for renting a boat from Columbia River Rentals?
While we follow all state laws regarding boating, we will only rent to persons 18+. In some cases we will refuse rental to persons under the age of 25, in a case by case situation. Please check your state laws here:  http://www.boat-ed.com/washington/boating_law.html

03How many days can I rent the boat?
We offer 1 day rentals, weekend rentals, along with pre-purchased multi day rentals for added savings.  Each boat rental is returned at night and checked back out the next day for multi day rentals.

04Who pays for fuel in the boat?
We provide you with full tanks of fuel on the boat at time of rental. After your rental, we refuel the boat and charge you the cost of fuel.

05Do I need a license to operate a boat rented from Columbia River Rentals?
Yes and No, you simply need the Wa Boater-Ed card found here:  www.boat-ed.com/washington   Our professional staff will ensure you're familiar with how to operate your boat, and familiar with common boating courtesy and the river area to avoid dangerous shallow areas and rocky shorelines, along with the No Wake Zone requirements.  We also issue temporary Boater Education cards at the time of rental if you do not have your card.

06Will I purchase rental insurance for my boat rental

No, there is no renters insurance similar to what you purchase when you rent a car.  Each rental has a $500 Cash Damage Deposit paid by the renter and held by Columbia River Rentals until the boat is checked back in, in good condition.  How can you lose part of your $500 Cash Damage Deposit?  $200 for a broken prop.  $100 per ripped seat.  $100 per burn's in carpet.  $200 per foot for damage Hull or Pontoons.  We carry insurance on all boats for replacement cost in the event of an accident, and provide liability insurance in case of accident or emergency, and loss of life or limb.  Our Insurance carries a deductible you are responsible for in the event of an accident.  Our goal is to provide you a new boat in new condition.  The $500 Cash Damage Deposit keeps our boats new, as each renter does not desire to lose their $500 Cash Damage Deposit due to negligence on their part.

07What happens if I damage the prop on my boat during the course of the rental?

Damaged props are something we all try to avoid, but accidents do happen.  While we will try very hard to educate you where NOT to drive, sometimes props do get damaged.  It's not the end of the world if you report the damage to us right away.  We will simply come out and replace the prop and get you on your way with little down time.  If you feel embarrassed and do not contact us right away you can cause further damage to the prop and find yourself paying much more for repairs.  Average cost to fix a prop on a Pontoon boat is $200-250 if it is fixed right away.  Waiting until your rental is over could cause damage to the entire engine and cost $8,000-15,000.  We won't scold you as long as the you call us right away.

08What happens with dangerous storms in the area?
Late summer months, typically in mid Sept we find ourselves having dust and lightening storms several times.  If you're on the water during these we will help you bring your boat in and get inside to ensure safety.  If you see a dark cloud approaching on the horizon it is best to head in towards the docks.